I was in Gardena California last week filming a movie and when i stopped at the gas station i witnessed what i thought was a homeless crack head giving another less fortunate person her last 50 cents. Soon after the lady who i thought was a crack head came to my window asking for money. I immediately said No! and didnt look her way with intensions that she would leave from by my window and she did. Then i thought about that 50 cents that she un selflessly gave away and called her back to have a conversation with her. What took place after was far from what i expected but highly appreciated. Ive always heard that God has angels on earth but this is the first time that i trully felt that i had met one. I grew as a man, brother, father, friend and human that day. You never know what lesson you will get from an encounter with another person, therefore no person should be taken for granted. Thank you Mrs. Magnolia King